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Topic: Any recommendations for file-naming and organization conventions?

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    Any recommendations for file-naming and organization conventions?

    How do the most successful Giga-users out there organize their files?

    We have a RAID array dedicated to samples and streaming Giga sound files, another hard-drive dedicated to streaming audio files for Nuendo, and another hard-drive for OS files (including My Documents, where project folders might be stored). On the RAID array we have no file-naming or organizational protocol as the files was compiled by various artists using their own ideas of file organization. We have long realized that we need to decide on and implement a file organization and naming protocol before things get even more out-of-control -- but before we spend the enormous amount of time required, I thought I'd find out if my fellow list-mates have some bright ideas or recommendations.

    Would it be better to use sub-folders (for example, e:\Instruments\Orch\Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra Vol 2 Solo Strings\VIS LGF -- where VIS LGF stands for sustained notes at a force of ff)?

    Or would it be better to use long names rather than sub-folders (i.e., E:\Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra Vol 2 Solo Strings\VIS LGF)?

    We know that Giga Studio has a naming protocol implementation for using the search feature. Names should use spaces and the name should include something descriptive. When searching for a solo violin playing sustained notes at a volume of 'f' using the key word "violin" the GigaStudio search function would never show the file "VIS LGF.gig" unless it were in a folder named "violin" or the name had the word "violin" in it.

    Would it be advantageous to make use of sub-folders? One example might be 1) Foley, 2) Instruments, 3) Loops-Grooves where a downloaded CD-ROM such as "Abstract Hip-Hop" might be placed in the "Loops-Grooves" folder. The Instruments folder might contain sub-folders such as 1) Keys, 2) Orch, 3) Pads, where "Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra Vol 2 Solo Strings" might be placed in the "Orch" folder. Would GigaStudio play loops more efficiently if they were not from a sub-folder? Would a separate REX folder be a good idea? When a CD-ROM uses file names such as Greasy Stick to describe an electric fretless bass, would it be better to rename it? When a pad has the name "Purple Hub Cap" should it be renamed or put in a sub-folder such as Rezzy, Airy, Stringy, Belly (for stomach noises)?

    Do the most successful of you make use of sub-folders? If so, to what extent? How deep can you go? What are the best naming conventions? What is a good example of a successful folder organization plan?

    We use GigaStudio, Reason, Nuendo, Sampletude, and Acid. Does this affect the file organization? Should there be a Giga folder, a REX folder, a GrooveControl folder and a WAV folder?

    Any and all suggestions are appreciated in advance. Peace and aloha . . . .

    secret studios windward
    o'ahu, hawai'i
    justin thyme

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    Re: Any recommendations for file-naming and organization conventions?


    You are a madman.

    I believe you can create any naming convention that makes it easy to find what you are trying to do. I personally like to keep the same names as the files I received from vendors, due to upgrade/fix issues. One thing I do is seperate different instruments and groups into different volumes. Example strings on E drive then by violins then by vendor.

    The hardest part was picking a default patch number so I could select them on the fly through sequencer of FINALE. Sometimes they conflict across vendors. so instrument #51 may be assigned to a piano and a tuba...and I have to fix this

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    Re: Any recommendations for file-naming and organization conventions?

    it's difficult --- I've written two lengthy answers and deleted both -- just know that we all go through it and nothing works perfectly (that I've tried, anyway).

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    Re: Any recommendations for file-naming and organization conventions?

    Gug: Thats what I almost did! I just dont think there is one answer. It depends on what you have and what your objectives are. Staying to spec, and what is alighned with the documentation provided by vendor seems best to me

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    Re: Any recommendations for file-naming and organization conventions?

    This is how I do it:

    1. I have 6 basic root folders - Winds, Brass, Percussion, Strings, Plucked, and Keyboard.

    2. Within each folder I have instruments in individual folders: in other words

    Winds has a folder for each wind instrument Piccolo, Flute, Alto Flute, Bass flute, Clarinet, etc etc (you get the idea).

    3. With each instrument folder, they are separated by library:

    So in Winds>Flute you will have Vienna, Miroslov, etc etc.

    4. And each sample goes into their corresponding folder.

    I took a full day to do so, but once I did, searching for samples is an instantaneous process.

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    Re: Any recommendations for file-naming and organization conventions?

    i used to teach computer skills to company employees -filing structure was one of the most challenging processes to complete - the concept is easy-put things in folders and subfolders, the implementation is a female dog! What I would tell my classes:

    If you have a good paper filing system, and can find almost everything right off the bat, use that as your model.

    If you DON'T have a well-organised filing schema, do NOT replicate it on the computer, you'll have the same problems, only much worse...

    It's primarily an individual decision, so what I try to do is show how to translate your thought processes into file folders. I've tried to think of ways to divide the libs into 'logical' divisions. This is what I've come up with, you may envision your orchestral sub-structure differently, thus see some totally different order. Perfect. It's all about your own internal logic, it needs to make sense to nobody but YOU - unless other people are using the same library, which is contrary to most licenses.)

    ORGANIZATION SUGGESTIONS (some WAY better than others):

    By instrument class: (i.e., sax) with subfolders for alto, tenor, bari, etc.

    By disk: all QL Brass in the same folder, organized as the vendor did on the riginal disks

    By orchestra: originals copied from whichever other folder setup you've adopted into a project folder, Giga runs just from that folder, then what's in that folder is deleted when the project is done, or archived if that's in your business model (archiving is a good idea.).

    By alpha order: Either a subset of instrument class or all in one huge folder (not recommended)

    And finally -
    Whatever, man, the Giga search function is all I use.

    But before you get too deep, decide on how you like to work. What takes the least effort when searching for sounds - that's the way will work best for YOU...
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: Any recommendations for file-naming and organization conventions?

    I just do \Mfg\Product\samples with short, easy to distinguish names.


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