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Topic: GigaStudio96 Machine For Sale In Philly

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    GigaStudio96 Machine For Sale In Philly

    I\'m going to sell my Gigastudio96 PC as for my purposes I am just going to stick with Sonar and VSampler on my Win2000 box. If anybody is in Philly and wants a good deal let me know by emailing carlgt1@mixcat.zzn.com
    I would prefer a local buyer and really don\'t want to ship it.

    Here are the specs:

    Intel Pentium III/866MHz
    IWILL VX133 MB (Via Pro133A Chipset)
    Jaton GForce NVidia 32MB AGP4X video card,
    EStar mid-tower case (P4 or P3)
    512MB total (256x2 MB PC133 SDRAM)
    Onboard Sound CMI, Crystal 4281 card,
    DLink DFE530TX+ network card
    Separate ATA/100 card with
    40GB ATA100 7200rpm Fujitsu drive on Primary channel and
    40GB ATA100 7200rpm IBM Deskstar (8.5ms access) on Secondary
    8x DVD on the onboard motherboard channel
    NEC 4gfx 15\" monitor (older model but works fine, cost $100)
    Wireless mouse/keyboard (cost $40)
    Egosys MIDITerminal 4140 parallel port 4 in/4 out MIDI port (brand new, cost $120)

    The GigaStudio96 software CD\'s, Gigapiano,
    & license
    (I guess I just I send a letter to Nemesys for the transfer?)

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    Re: GigaStudio96 Machine For Sale In Philly

    Ack, I forgot to note that it has an Echo Mia card installed for audio; and that the price will be only $800 cash.

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