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Topic: A piano composition

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    A piano composition

    Despite being a trained pianist, I rarely compose for the piano. Thanks to Worra's recent sale on the light version of the Black Grand I finally got myself a more up to date piano, and was inspired to do something with it:


    This is the second in a planned set of three Rhapsodies for piano. Who knows, I may finally get around to completing them now.

    Thoughts and opinions are quite welcome of course.

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    Re: A piano composition

    lovely example of this piano sample. It sounds like you are a real piano player. If you could play this for a date after sipping cognac in a darkly lit room, I bet they'd be smitten!

    I'm not enough of a music analyst to say much more than I really enjoyed this.

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    Re: A piano composition

    Hi JC5.

    One of the great rewards as a sample producer is when you hear people making so good use of ones product. You are truly talented and I'm happy and prouid that you have chosen a piano from our line to express yyourself with!

    Arf, arf, arf...

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    Re: A piano composition

    By permission I would like to put up this link to jc5's great piece in mp3 format:

    The piano used here is the Steiny D that you can get for only $40, (normal price $80) from SampleTekk

    Arf, arf, arf...

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    Re: A piano composition

    Metrobot - thanks for the kind words! I'll have to keep your usage suggestion in mind.

    Worra - thanks for your kind words, and thanks for producing such fine instruments!

    This piano is capable of a great deal - it is going to be fun to explore those possibilities.

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    Re: A piano composition

    What else to say but


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    Re: A piano composition



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    Re: A piano composition

    Wow... the aggressive parts really sound great.

    Nice work.


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    Re: A piano composition

    Thanks for the kind words jsp2, carlmsmith, and Ninevoltaudio!

    The piano does quite well with aggressive passages - and with the pedal applied, the sound is just gorgeous.
    All this means that it should be very effective for work with piano and orchestra... <sigh> as soon as I get the time..

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