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Topic: Giga freezes on startup

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    Giga freezes on startup

    Since my last post, Fate has seen fit to throw a much larger spanner in my works... Now, Gigastudio won't open at all. It simply freezes half way through start up. Technical support directed me to a site to make some tweaks to the PC and told me to reinstall it, along with the update to version 3.1. Having duly obeyed orders, a delicious new error then surfaced:

    could not load .dat file
    Error ID 317

    ...followed by an almighty crash.

    I'm being told now by Technical Support to reformat my drive - a nightmare I'd rather avoid. Before doing so, has anyone got any ideas as to what the above error might mean (tech didn't know exactly) (or at least, any suggestions as to potential alternative solutions - however tenuous!)

    Additional info, should it help:

    I have no spyware or virus protection on the machine
    I'm running XP
    Hyperthreading is turned off
    Just before the crash, Giga had compiled my wave archive (or whatever it's called) with no problems, then tried to start up and warned me that "steinberg vst plugins: natural verb" wasn't compatible (which it then relegated to the appropriate no-no box), followed by the pernicious error message above.

    Any help most desperately received,


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    Re: Giga freezes on startup

    Do you have Atmosphere or another Spectrasonics app? Those look for .DAT files (other things may also, but I don't know what.)

    Try removing all the VST plugs first, then restarting.
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    Re: Giga freezes on startup

    try checking the disk for errors and run with FIX option.

    Try just reinstalling Giga

    Try removing everything from memory except GIGA

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