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Topic: Where to find these sounds?

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    Where to find these sounds?

    I went trough some demos of Spectrasonics Stylus rmx an heard some sounds that reminded me some soundtracks (the rock for instance).

    I hear "I can hear you" from Tobias Marberger

    Are these sounds only available with Stylus and co?
    I mean the sounds right on the beginning whic are looping trough all the track.

    Where could i find some of these samples? Or which samples have I to modificate in which way?

    Thank you very much

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    Re: Where to find these sounds?

    I'm confused...you want those sounds, you know exactly where to get them, yet you don't want Stylus and are searching for an alternative.

    Is it a money issue? I mean Stylus RMX is not el cheapo, but at $300 (and possibly less if you shop around) it's worth every penny and then some which I'm not sure I can say of other libraries.

    You could look at Percussive Adventures 2 or Stormdrum, but in both cases you'd be spending more money than Stylus RMX and quite frankly, not getting the same amount of functionality.

    Other than that, I really can't think of any free sample source (legitimate) that would give you that sound.

    If it's not about the money, then it could be about individualism? But if you're trying to not sound like many others, then may I suggest a different approach away from "The Rock" sound?

    If you can, get yourself Stylus RMX, you'll love it and wonder how you ever lived without it for so long!
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    Re: Where to find these sounds?

    It is a money issue too.
    I don't want "the rock" sound but the "the rock" sounds. Quite a difference, huh?
    I dont want to buy Stylus just for 5 special drumsamples. I dont even know it they are from there. They are perhaps only added from somewhere else.
    I just dont really know WHAT these sounds are you know, are they synthed or pitches etc toms etc. etc. perhaps i could use my samples and tweak them to get this sound...

    Anyway, thanks

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    Re: Where to find these sounds?

    These samples sound heavily processed by something like PSP Nitro (and there are other filters out there) which runs about $149 and is well-reviewed.

    That might be something cheaper and of more value than the samples themselves...


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    Re: Where to find these sounds?

    Those are various pieces of percussion, ethnic and traditional orchestral/drumkit, like woodblocks, metal hits, hihats, and even some drum machine bass drum hits. You have some highpass and bandpass filtering going on.. FREE filters can pull that off easily. Reverb, light bit degradation it sounds like, plus automated panning. RMX is definitely NOT the only thing that can do this, it just makes it more convenient to access.
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