I recently purchased Kontakt 2 and I'm having some difficulty integrating it into logic 7.1. Here is my situation: I've loaded multiple instruments in Kontakt (e.g. flute on midi ch 1, oboe on midi ch 2, etc) and can trigger them in Logic by keeping the "channel" or audio instrument the same for each track, and only change the associated midi channels to correspond with the proper instrument (ch1 flute, ch2, oboe, etc).

This works fine for playing each sound, but when I want to record any type of automation data on a single track (e.g. expression for just the oboe on MIDI 2) it effects the entire audio instrument, which causes the flute (MIDI 1) to also have the same data.

How do you guys get around this problem? Is there some weird environment setup I need to configure in Logic, or is it a Kontakt2 setting I'm missing. I must admit that I am VERY new to kontakt (haven't even read the entire manual yet) but I did read the logic setup section and it does not contain any information on multi-timberal performance setup.

I thank you in advance for any help you can provide!

On a side note, anyone know the best way to configure DFD settings? Is it simply trial and error?