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Topic: John Carter.. you rock

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    John Carter.. you rock

    A long time ago, John C. posted a mockup he did of The Gladiator Waltz. It was really good stuff.. but I never got a chance to listen to the original score.

    Well, I listened to the Gladiator Waltz recently. Let me say this: Hans needs to hire JC. Seriously. There was a bit of a mix issue with it, but the orchestration was EXCELLENT. The actual version of the track just sounded too "thin" to me, it lacked power and "meat." JC's version just sounded more intense to me, and more of the supporting rhythmic harmony came through better, as opposed to the actual recording.

    Kudos to you, sir, if you're still around browsing these forums...
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: John Carter.. you rock

    bad mushrooms...bad..

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    Re: John Carter.. you rock

    Wow...you must be listening to a lot of mockups instead of real orchestra!!!
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    Re: John Carter.. you rock

    Yes, I must be on drugs!

    No.. I'm talking about the orchestration. JC's orchestration is thicker, punchier, and more intense to my ears, whereas the actual soundtrack sounds a bit empty. I'll listen again on better speakers just to make sure, but.. I'm pretty sure I'm hearing what I'm hearing.
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: John Carter.. you rock

    I didnt know that Dr John Carter from ER did midi-mockups.

    Actually, I d/loaded JCs patch a couple of months ago but never got a chance to listen to it or throw it up in the sequencer
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    Re: John Carter.. you rock

    Here you go... original score first, followed by JC's:


    Putting all mastering/mixing/EQ issues aside, I think the original version is more interesting on the percussion side of things.. but the brass really shines in JC's version. To me, it's just more powerful.. the original sounds a bit thin. JC's mockup has the horns & trumpets really in your face, which works well I think.

    I guess it's just a matter of opinion.
    Sam Hulick

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