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Topic: AES/EBU Interface

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    AES/EBU Interface

    I've got two computers - one running GigaStudio and the other running Sonar. I'm going to install a AES/EBU capable card in the Giga computer (Digi 96/8 PAD), it will only be used to out AES/EBU to the SONAR computer (MOTU HD192 interface).

    Does there have to be a word clock connection between the two computers?

    I've run SPDIF between these two computers before with (seemingly) no problems. I'm wondering if the same would be true for AES/EBU connections, and if a word clock would improve the performance.

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    Re: AES/EBU Interface


    the RME Digipad does not support Gsif 2 , it has no total mix software.


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    Re: AES/EBU Interface

    The RME web site says the Digi 96/8 supports GSIF, but doesn't mention whether it's GSIF 1 or 2.

    I have the older version of GigaStudio so I think I'm okay.

    Why would the Total Mix software be an issue?

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