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Topic: Soon, I'll be on my way to the NAMM.

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    Thumbs up Soon, I'll be on my way to the NAMM.

    Flying high on a wing and a prayer, I pray not. It will soon be time for me to fly to the NAMM show. Can't wait to meet Gary and all who are attending and drive them crazy! See you all soon!

    Now where did I put that parachute?

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    Re: Soon, I'll be on my way to the NAMM.

    I hope that you have a safe trip and a GREAT time

    I wish I could go!!!


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    Re: Soon, I'll be on my way to the NAMM.

    Well, hell, Styxx! I posted a greeting and a "good lucK" in this thread this morning, but when I come back here tonight my post is not here. That's what I get for trying to deal with email and the forum at the same time...must have exited without hitting "Submit Reply".

    ...now I can't remember what I said; I'm sure it was witty and highly relevant!

    I do remember asking you to keep an eye out for choral libraries that can be taught to sing actual words without having to send them off to college for 3 years to study Latin (like some other highly-touted products that sounded great on the vid from Winter NAMM, but seem to be "linguistically challenged" when you actually try to use them).

    Anyway...now that you're there...HAVE A SAFE TRIP AND A GOOD TIME!

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    Jim Jarnagin - no not THAT Jim Jarnagin, the other one.

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