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Topic: Gigabyte Bios / drivers etc..

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    Gigabyte Bios / drivers etc..

    Just received my K8NS 939 Ultra boards,

    I'm wondering if anyone could recommend which if any BIOS updates or driver updates that I might actually need.

    Not running 64bit, or Dual, so is it worth the F4 Bios update?

    Don't really want to install any newer drivers / bios if they don't offer anything more in stability or functionality I will actually use.

    Thanks Steve

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    Re: Gigabyte Bios / drivers etc..


    i would go ahead with the F7 bios, if for no other reason your ready for dual core. each bios update adds a little to the mix.
    if not then the F6 is good.

    on the drivers disk that comes with it, load only the Nic drivers
    then download all the latest drivers for everything.
    the drivers on the disk is always old!


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    Re: Gigabyte Bios / drivers etc..


    Do you have a link to the F7 bios? I can only find the F6 on the TW site.

    Thanks Steve

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    Re: Gigabyte Bios / drivers etc..

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