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Topic: STRINGS dilemma

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    STRINGS dilemma

    I have been using HALION strings for a couple of years now, along with Kirk Hunter Solo Strings which I often mix in with them. I am now ready to upgrade, but really not sure which of these to get:

    VSL Chamber Strings
    SISS Strings
    HALION Strings 2

    I really like SISS, but if VSL Chamber is not labour intensive, then I am happy to go with that. And then of course, the recent news that HALION Strings 2 is coming - well I love the ease of use of v1, so maybe it's better to stick with these???

    I would be really grateful if anybody could explain the merits (espcially ease of use) of SISS v VSL Chamber

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    Re: STRINGS dilemma

    I dont own Chamber Strings, but they function like other VSL products of which I own many.

    First and foremost judge the sound. Pick the one you feel sounds best, and best fits what you will use them for. Then you will easily learn to use either of them. VSL products have more articulations which is great if you wnat things to sound exactly like you want, but not so great when you just want to bang out ideas. To me having all the articulations is a godsend, and I often miss them when using SISS or EastWest

    But not that chamber strings are umm.. chamber strings (duh ) So dont expect grand orchestral strings

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    Re: STRINGS dilemma

    Yes, my intention (if I do go for Chamber Strings) is when I require a bigger string section to layer it with HALION strings or whatever. I'll be using VSL or SISS in HALION 3, which I believe is fine.

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