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Topic: why ?

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    why ?

    what doesn\'t Nemesys respond to their customer\'s queries in this forum?

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    Re: why ?

    Seems like Holger\'s doing it for them...

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    Re: why ?

    Why don\'t you just email them. Everytime I email them, they are very fast in their responses. This forum is a user group. It is great that Nemesys is around, but they are not here everyday (I think).

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    Re: why ?

    That’s correct Joris Vincken. This is a users group Nemesys does answer some question on this forum but, are not obligated to do so. It is great that they do answer question here.
    If you have a technical question that no one here can help you with you can contact them directly by email.

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: why ?


    I havent been able to access the 1.6 download! I emailed a few times and havent received a response thus far. Its been about 2 weeks ive been trying to download the new version.


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    Re: why ?

    I have been answering questions up here quite often. I\'ve read most of your posts also and much of what you mention is being worked on for the next major revision. (including the mixer by the way) It wont happen over night but much faster than a hardware toy. 1.6 is the 4th variation in a little over a year. The download page should be working now. It was down for a few days though. I\'ll check on it.
    Take care
    Dave of NemeSys

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    Re: why ?

    NemeSys contacted answered my eails and directed me to the site again to try and download but i still couldn\'t do it. I think these is some issues still unresolved with the download site HOWEVER they responded to my fustration by emailing the upload 1.6 patch as an attachment.

    Thought i should report the good bits as well


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    Re: why ?


    Please check your previous questions concerning v1.6. An answer was posted in 5 hours from NemeSys. This repsonse time can not be guarenteed in the future, but I think it surely doesn\'t deserve your questioning of our tech support.

    NemeSys\'s first priority for tech support will always be to the person that calls/emails us. We participate in this forum because we feel it is an excellent channel for us to help our customers and promote the technology. But the Nemesys employees that come up here do it on their own time. Please do not discourage them by questioning their efforts. Thank you.

    Joe (NemeSys)

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