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Topic: some sustain problems

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    some sustain problems

    I just upgraded: player, library 2.0. I pulled the updater off the NI site a few days ago.

    While briefly playing with some of the instruments, I noticed a number of string notes that abruptly stop after a few seconds. There were several in, eg, the vlns ks patch, but I didn't write any down. The one that I actually wrote down is in vlns 1 lush. The pedal-down note G (1 octave above the bottom of this instrument's range) is one example.

    Is this a known issue?


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    Re: some sustain problems


    Are you using DFD streaming instead of loading instruments into RAM? If you are, try turning DFD off and see what happens. Remember, GPO is designed to run entirely in RAM - DFD is offered as a optional download but is not recommended. A problem with loop detection has been experienced in the past by some users (not all) when using DFD with the GPO player.


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    Re: some sustain problems

    Interesting. I never turned DFD on, but under options it was on. I turned it off and, at least for that one note, the problem has gone away. I do use the Kontakt sampler for other things (like pianos) where I do have to turn on DFD.
    I wonder if there's some interaction. Oh well, for now I think the problem is fixed.



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    Re: some sustain problems

    I've had the same problem for more than a year. Native Instruments doesn't seem to care. It's very unpredictable. Sometimes it works right, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I can reload the song and everythings fine, sometimes it doesn't. It's very random and I guess because it's random, Native instruments doesn't accept it as a real problem. I was on the beta team a year ago and I mentioned this over and over. Garritan says it's Native's fault, native says there's no problem. but it happens with both GPO and Kontakt, so i feel pretty confident it's a Native problem. All I can say is I'm glad software companies don't make cars........

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