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Topic: Drums at 96K

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    Drums at 96K

    How do you feel about drum kit samples done at a 96K sample rate? Would you take up the resources to be able to use it or prefer it at 48K or 44.1K?

    For myself, I like 96K but would normally prefer to work with 48K to save on resources and not lose much that is really noticeable in a track. But, when I do drum sampling I do it at two rates just in case. However, I've not released any 96K material yet.

    Any experience using 96K drum samples? Any thoughts on the subject?



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    Re: Drums at 96K

    Our (Bela D's) Studio B was recorded at 96k. And edited that way - but batched to 48k as the 96k was just too big to load. Studio B's drums have 8 mics on the kit - each with authentic bleed thru and four variations of every velocity for every piece of the kit (including the bleed samples). So it was just too much data for the computers of today.

    Plus the sound difference was undetectable so there was no need to waste the user's HDD resources.
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    Re: Drums at 96K

    Quote Originally Posted by Squids
    How do you feel about drum kit samples done at a 96K sample rate? Would you take up the resources to be able to use it or prefer it at 48K or 44.1K?
    Keep in mind, it only makes sense to record them at 96 kHz if you're going to convert them to 48 kHz later. If you'll be converting them to 44.1 kHz you should record in 88.2 kHz (divided by 2, better results than 96 kHz which will be divided by 2.17something).

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    Re: Drums at 96K

    I would rather have more articulations and alternate/round robin hits than a higher sample rate in the final samples. You can record at whatever sample rate you'd like, but if all I can load are a few basic, but very good sounding samples, I will not be as happy as if I have more options/articulations/round robin in a 24/44.1 sample set.

    That was my diplomatic explanation. My real feeling is that 96k is overkill.


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    Re: Drums at 96K


    I'd say record in the highest sample rate you can. I'd have to agree that todays computers can't handle it but that depends on your approach, but I mean I can see you guys using sampletank streach and other stuff which might change things. Bare in mind that if you just ship 96k , all you lowend customers on 44.1 or 48 will have to have their machine downsample in realtime. I know we can have that problem that people that us bfd in 96k can be hard on the cpu. Works though . It's a choice to make at the end of the day when it's all been recorded and edited etc. Plus the higher you record it, in a couple of years if ppl demand a 96k version or higher it's sitting on the harddisc or archive waiting to go out.

    My 2 Cent,

    Johnny - FXpansion Audio

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    Re: Drums at 96K

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking too although I was thinking for Kontakt, HALion, EXS, Giga (not ST in this case). Too bad BFD doesn't load external samplers or that would be a good player for multichannel drum libraries.

    If I did offer anything at 96K it would be in addition to offering it at 48K so people had the choice. But, still, no system can really use it AND have all the other things you mentioned such as multiple mics or alternating hits so... best to just keep it on a hard drive until they can I guess.

    Stereo drum loops at 96K might be nice though. How many people around here actually do 96K sessions anyway? I never do for my music because it takes up so much more hard drive space and most things I do would only go to CD and I doubt there'd be much audible difference.

    Hmmm. By the way, some of you guys who responded seem to have some cool sampling of your own that I'd be interested in checking out. I am always open for a swap as long as, of course, the person has the right to do so (as I have the right to do so with my own samples). I am going to download some of Herman's stuff. I've sampled some of those instruments too. I own a mouth organ and although it looks super cool it sounds okay but not the most expressive instrument. Curious to compare it to another but you don't run across Mouth Organ samples everday! I love the double reed world instruments myself and like to collect samples of those for my own personal use. I can actually somewhat play a real Duduk. I have a few of them (but oddly enough I can play no other wind instrument!). Anyway...

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    Re: Drums at 96K

    Squids , do bare in mind that BFD can import DKFH Superior and Scarbee Imperial Drums. So it's possible. If you're seriously thinking about wanting your library to work with BFD fire off an email to skot [at] fxpansion [dot] com . I'm sure it's possible.


    Johnny - FXpansion Audio

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    Re: Drums at 96K

    It's pointless really, but depends on how crappy your 44.1kHz converters are. I believe alot of the cheaper manufacturers may purposely make the lower sample rates sound bad, to make the higher ones seem alot better. They have to cut corners somewhere, right? The point is, a great 44.1kHz conversion will sound worlds better then a mediocre 96kHz one.

    Also, have to agree with Herman on his point, 96 shouldn't be used if the final result is going to be 44.1. Of course, whatever floats your boat...
    Brain Edwards

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    Re: Drums at 96K

    Hello Squids,

    I agree with the the guys, less quality gives more room for articulations and better workflow today.

    Also, i'm kinda deaf over 19kh..... so 16bit/44.1Khz is ok with me.

    Strange thing is that if a library is at 16bit/44.1Khz i don't mind at all. But when i can chose between 16bit and 24bit i always go 24bit. Soon enough hopefully, todays "heavy" libraries will be "lite", so why not get the best at the same price?
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    Re: Drums at 96K

    I'm with fizbin - what is it good for having only one loudest drumsound that is repeatedly triggered when I have a loud passage? So having more samples to choose from is always a plus. Sampling is having different problems than recording quality IMHO. But then again - who hinders you to record everything in 24/96 and release the lower bitrate stuff now... although - thinking how far we got technology-wise and still are recording samples, who would buy a newly vamped 10-year-old lib (ok, there is a try with Philharmonik now, so let's see, but we all know the quality is already beat by the newest standards). Therefore I think it's unlikely we go back and get our old libs in a more power demanding new fancy GUI.

    Just my 2/100 euros.

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