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Topic: EWQLSO Gold Library with KONTAKT 2

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    Question EWQLSO Gold Library with KONTAKT 2

    Hey folks,
    I'm new in this forum and start already with a problem, I hope someone can help me on.
    I run EWQLSO Gold as a VSTi in CUBASE SX3 on one PC. On a second PC I run KONTAKT 2 in stand alone-mode.
    I copied the EWQLSO Gold Library into the K2-instruments folder an tried to load one of these instruments in K2.
    Surprisingly I get a message "The content you are trying to load is not registered (please be sure to start the application that came with the content at least once)" and is followed by the message "The patch can not be loaded (unknown error)". Both, the EWQLSO as well as the K2 are registered.
    What did I wrong? Someone with a similar problem? Is there anybody with a hint or the solution for my problem?
    Would be great if my first steps in this forum would be of success.

    Thanks in advance!

    Greetings from Vienna, the city of music

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    Re: EWQLSO Gold Library with KONTAKT 2

    I'm pretty sure the problem you're running into is that you didn't install and authorize Gold on your second computer. You can't just copy the files as they are copy protected. You are going ot have to install and authorize Gold, as you did on the first computer, and then run the Gold plug in at least once before you can use the samples in K2.

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    Re: EWQLSO Gold Library with KONTAKT 2

    A few people have had this problem when updating to the new K2 2.02 patch. I don't think the bug has been resolved yet, though...
    - Stefan

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    Thumbs up Re: EWQLSO Gold Library with KONTAKT 2

    Hi tgfoo,

    your advices are th sam I got from the NI support. I installes EWQLSO on the second machine (same where K2 is running) authorized it and now everything is working fine.

    Thank you all.


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