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Topic: Note stealing

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    Note stealing

    My Giga 3.1 Orchestra has suddenly decided, in the middle of a big job, to start note stealing. It even does it if I use just one sound so it has nothing to do with polyphony. This is particularly annoying on things like cymbal crescendos.

    All help urgently required and gratefully received!
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    Re: Note stealing

    After removing all the instruments and replacing them one by one until the note stealing began I was eventually able to work out that it was the snare drum I was using. Must be a corrupt sample or something I suppose, but I had no idea that this could cause note stealing problems.
    Stand by for action - we are about to launch Stingray!

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    Re: Note stealing

    I've not heard of anything like that before. But thanks for posting it. Case I ever experience the same.


    ps: might be a good idea to run a disk check just in case there's more to it...

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