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Topic: Giga DAW with Athalon 1.4 gHz?

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    Giga DAW with Athalon 1.4 gHz?

    In just a couple weeks I plan on buying the parts and building my dedicated Giga PC. I\'ve read many of the threads here and at other message boards, consulted specs for prebuilt systems, etc,etc. Here are a few questions for the masses:

    I haven\'t seen any specs for a system built around an ADM Thunderbird 1.4gHz chip, but that it what I would prefer. Many people have recommended the ASUS A7V133 motherboard, however all the specs for this say it\'s rated for up to 1 gHz. I don\'t want to risk causeing any problems by putting a higher speed CPU in it, so is there something else that would work?

    RAM -- It was reccomended that I get Mushkin High Performance RAM chips. However, these only come in 256 MB modules, which places my limit at 768 MB. Will Windows 98 and giga work well with even more memory than this? And if so, what is a good type of RAM that comes in 512 mb chips that is as good or better than the Mushkin High Performance.

    I will be using an Aardvard Direct-Pro LX6 for my soundcard. Aardvark recommended that whatever motherboard I get, it should have an AMD chipset who\'s number begins with 76.

    Any help you could offer would be appreciated.

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    Re: Giga DAW with Athalon 1.4 gHz?

    I also looked at the Asus web site and could not find reference to a higher than 1.2 CPU
    for the A7V-133 motherboard.
    But I bought a 1.4 AMD CPU and installed it on the A7V and it worked fine.
    I just got it have half way configured it , so I should know more later.
    But from what I have leared that you have to go into the Bios and change the Multiplier to 10.5 and on the same page set the ram and CPU to 133 that will give you 1.4 gigaherz.

    n the A7V-133 .-*9

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    Re: Giga DAW with Athalon 1.4 gHz?

    If you need the system only for Gigastudio there is no reason to buy such a speedy CPU. It\'ll just generate unnecessary amounts of heat = noise. Get an 800mhz Duron or something

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    Re: Giga DAW with Athalon 1.4 gHz?

    Yes, I know that I don\'t need to go quite this high for running Giga now, but who knows what might be coming up that may require more. Now we have Maestro-Tools coming with Garritan Orchestral Strings, so theres a little more CPU usage. (And besides that, it\'d just be pretty cool!)

    As for the noise factor, it\'s not. I live in the midwest and I\'ve got huge window AC units that will easily drown out any possible noise from my PC.

    Back to my system specs, I\'ve found some motherboards that are rated for 1.4 gHz, and have the correct chipset that was reccomended for my soundcard. As a side benefit, it\'s got a 266 bus speed, and takes up to 2 GB of DRAM chips (also at 266).

    Certainly these aren\'t necessary for Giga, but having faster components certainly shouldn\'t hurt giga\'s performance.

    I think I\'ve made the mistake too many times of getting just enough to do the job, only to regret not getting something better. I certainly don\'t want to make that mistake again.

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    Re: Giga DAW with Athalon 1.4 gHz?

    check out roll-your-own at www.prorec.com

    Pete Leoni recommends an IwillK266 motherboard for the T-bird\'s

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    Re: Giga DAW with Athalon 1.4 gHz?

    Aenigma - MaestroTools doesn\'t use any measurable CPU time. And no library requires more CPU time than any other, playing a sample is playing a sample - maybe filtering requires a little more CPU but it\'s very very little. If you don\'t plan on using NFX plugins your CPU will never be the bottleneck. I think I use 30% CPU time on my TBird 1Ghz when performance is maxed out.

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    Re: Giga DAW with Athalon 1.4 gHz?

    Memory transfer speed and the HD\'s and the HD interface are the most important factors.

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    Re: Giga DAW with Athalon 1.4 gHz?

    I think we can all agree any mhz from 600-900 is going to be fine for a dedicated GigaStudio system. I have found in reading various messages and building my own system (around a 933mhz PIII), that the hard drive system is pretty vital as well. You\'ll need at least 2 drives. One for the main program data files and any other programs you install, and another drive JUST for your samples. Make sure you research your hard drive(s).

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    Re: Giga DAW with Athalon 1.4 gHz?

    While we\'re at it, is there any problem using Windows 98 (on an ASUS A7V) with 1.5 GB of RAM? Some people claim that the OS cannot manage this amount of RAM, but I couldn\'t find any precise information on this.


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    Re: Giga DAW with Athalon 1.4 gHz?

    I use 1gb on Win98se, and I think 98 can handle up to 2 or 4 gb - however you have to set a specific VCACHE min/max - if you let Windows handle it, your system will not boot...

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