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Topic: Vociferous velocity variations

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    Vociferous velocity variations

    Hello All,

    I posted a topic about a month ago but as yet no one has replied and I'm starting to feel real lonely... I only wanted some advice about velocity but (sniff, sniff) no one wants to talk to me...

    This was my question: I have a semi-weighted keyboard (Studiologic TMK88) and GS3 Solo. I love the Bosendorfer piano sample and use this a lot but the velocity "settings" make the experience of playing a little uncomfortable. Playing in a relaxed way many of the notes I hit sound quite quiet and in fast passages some notes cannot be heard at all but if I hit the notes hard they are too loud.

    I'm not a particularly light player and have been used to a real grand piano keyboard for many years so I'm sure it's not my technique.

    I have a similar problem when using the keys with drum samples - you really have to hit them hard to get the full volume out of the sample.

    Is there any way of altering the velocity settings so as to reduce the velocity range (dynamics?) at both ends of the scale (loud and soft) and make the playing experience more even and therefore more 'comfortable'? I've tried using the QuickEdit button and fiddled with a few things here but I don't really know what I'm doing!

    Or am I talking a load of B******s here? (that's bannanas BTW!)

    Thank you very much indeed friends.

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    Re: Vociferous velocity variations

    I think you really have to get habituated to your keyboard and to the samples (mapping) as well as you have to change a bit your playing technique when you go from a Kawai to a Steinway or, worse, from a piano to a grand piano.

    We have a "real" Steinway B and a Midikeyboard plus The Grand and East West Bösendorfer samples. Each of them requires a different way of playing and, for the samples, some velocity adjustement, sometimes depending on the song to play.
    Different settings for some loud Rachmaninov, some easy jazz or for "a" Moonlight Sonate may be helpful/required.
    My father complains that he doesn't have the same feeling as on the Steinway, he always has to "hammer" for a loud sound. That's because he is quite comfortable with the Steinway keyboard and its response. But the Keyboard is readjusted at this very moment which will allow more dynamic control (our Steinway couldn't play piano ) So I hope that he (and I) will have a similar response with all 3 "possibilities".

    What i want so say: I think it is very dependent of the samples and the Keyboard. You have to train yourself. Even on the best (real) Bösendorfer or Steinway you will have problems if you're not comfortable with its response.
    Play with velocity settings till you have "your" settings. If possible, try considering an S-shaped velocity curve.

    Just beacause it's online at the moment, here is a 2:47min "the grand" recording of my father playing a Liszt Rhapsody.
    We took "the Grand" because the Bösendorfer samples are only registrated for his machine.
    I only wanted a very light reverb und thus a rather dry recording.

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    Re: Vociferous velocity variations

    Thanks Overhead. I was, I suppose, really assuming that all keyboards are the same and I guess, as you say, that they are as individual as people.

    However, how do I actually change the velocity curve with GS3 Solo? I'm not at all sure how to do it.

    Is it done with QuickEdit? I notice that only the Ensemble and Ochestra versions of GigaStudio have InstrumentEditor - Solo does not. Does this put me at a disadvantage here with this particular problem?

    Incidentally, that piano sounds beautiful! I'll have to get a copy of The Grand.



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    Re: Vociferous velocity variations

    Isn't there a green Button to click on? I think you can change the velocity here. Or is this "your" Quickedit thing? (I don't own GS yet).
    Keyboards are different, sure. It depends on their mechanics, their "suspension" an do on. Much like a clutch Pedal in defferent cars...
    My/our Keyboard is a bit strange. I can hammer on it like an idiot, it never reaches more than about 110 (from 127) Midi... erk.. thing.

    (I suggest you buy the new Grand 2 instead of the old one... Or the EastWest Bösendorfer which is premium quality, like the Galaxy Steinway)

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