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Topic: "the game music library"

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    "the game music library"

    In my page you will find some themes composed specifically for the use as background music in title/credits/menu/etc screens of videogames.
    My object was to compose some short piece, loopable and ready to be used by the programmers in freeware or shareware games. All the songs are build with a short loop (about 30 seconds), to limit the resourced required by the music itself, but without sacrifice the audio quality.
    The songs are composed using professional instrumens and samples, were subjected to a mastering process and are thought to be looped without interruption in the audio stream.

    my webpage:

    some demo:

    comments on the music and on the idea are welcome! :-)

    do you know some place in which publish this work in order to hope to find some programmer interested in my music?

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    Re: "the game music library"

    So listening to these pieces begs the question: What games have you been playing lately? After playing some modern games, is this music really what you feel competes with the market demands? I hope not to be insulting here but if you do, then you've got a conceptual disconnect. You should really play some games and discover what works for modern game design rather than try to shoe-horn your style into the genre. I couldn't imagine a game genre that this would work in...except perhaps a retro-room in a Sims game or something novel like that.


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    Re: "the game music library"

    I play chess online a lot. what kind of scores are available?

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    Re: "the game music library"

    Hey Bosone, the first two you linked to remind me of 'menu selection' music for old-school types of games, especially given the repetitive nature of the tunes. With some more development I think the third and final song could possibly lend itself more readily to a modern type of game. I was picturing maybe some kind of first-person shooter a la 'Unreal Tournament' or something similar given its spacey, somewhat ambient bent, though it is still a bit repetitive/short for modern area/stage BGM in its current form. So I think I see where Jamey is coming from here, though perhaps he's misread your intentions, which seems to be getting a few tunes placed in smaller freeware stuff (which sounds like a decent way to possibly set-up new relationships/connections and practice; though whether or not it's the best way to approach the industry someone like Jamey may be more qualified to speak to).

    I think "The Fat Man" George Sanger has set up some kind of database composers can upload music to in hopes of a developer picking it up for a game. I don't know much about this nor have I personally used this service, but it may be something to look into. Try www.fatman.com Maybe some other folks around here have some more informed opinions on this. Good luck!

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    Red face Re: "the game music library"


    I'm thinking you must also make music under the name "Alchemystic"?? Somewhere I ran across some tracks a while back that have a similar retro vibe to yours... very similiar... I'm thinking they were yours (especially due to the name of your studio). If that is the case, I think "Bladestorm" and "Sonic Warfare" were strong tracks, and I think you should post those. However, they are still VERY retro... but that's probably part of why I like them.
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    Re: "the game music library"

    hi, and thanks all for the comments!

    actually, these musics were made with freeware and shareware little games intro/menu/credits in mind, and this is the reason for which they are short and looped.
    i played several of these games, and i observed that often they have terrific intro/menu music, made from a couple of loops and mixed awfully (even if the game were funny!), so i thought that some programmers would be intereseted in using more "serious" music in their productions...

    regarding the style, yes, maybe some music may be very retro (i like those games!)... but, again, the target here wasnt the "big game", but rather the simple one... for which i think these music may be suitable...

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