Purchase a new G5 Wednesday of last week and moving my system over form the G4 I get the following problem trying to install Ultra Focus. I've emailed, and even faxed their tech support and no response yet. Can anyone help?

Launching Logic, I get the following.
The UVI-engine reported an error...
The .dat file could not be found.
The .dat file contains all the samples used in your plug-in. .......

Error ID -116
I admit, I tried to run the OSX install program before I copied the ultra focus folder to my system.
Then I deleted the Ultra Focus items from the components folder and tried to reinstall. But, that was unsuccessful.

I've tried to install from the product DVD and them apply the 1.12 update. Logic did prompt me for the challenge/response codes. But is unable to locate the .dat file. The .dat files 1&2 are in the Ultra Focus folder on my system drive and the short cuts in the plug-in components folder are referencing those .dat files.

Mac G5 2.7g DP
OS: Tiger 10.4
Program: Logic Pro 7.1
This is a new computer.

Please Help. The first time I tried to install UF in Oct. 2004 it took over one week for tech support ot help me. Installing a product should be as easy as paying for the product was.