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Topic: Asus A7V-133 Question

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    Asus A7V-133 Question

    Hi All
    From input I have received from this form ,the Athlon processor and the Asus A7V motherboard seems to be the current choice for giga studio.
    My question is , I just recieved that motherboard and CPU and was in the process of assembling it when realized that they sent the A7V with audio instead of without like I requested .
    Should I send it back and replace it with the one with out audio or can I just disable the audio card built in to the board?
    Are there any advantages or disadvantages either way?
    Thanks , Ken

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    Re: Asus A7V-133 Question

    Oh yeah , the sound card that I will use for giga is a Delta 1010.

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    Re: Asus A7V-133 Question

    You can disable it on the board if you want to. I actually use my board\'s built-in audio as a MIDI port (the game/joystick port).

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    Re: Asus A7V-133 Question

    The audio vs. non-audio versions of the board are identical except for the external addition of an AC\'97 codec chip. The internal registers in the southbridge chip, where the audio is \"seen\" from the computer, exist in both boards. The BIOS for the audio version can enable or disable those registers. In the non-audio version, the are disabled by default. If you want to use the MIDI port for Giga, make sure you install the Win9x version of the VIA AC97 drivers. The WDM versions (Win98 and ME) have too high latencies.

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    Re: Asus A7V-133 Question

    Thanks alot Carlg and Killerbob.

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