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Topic: Old lady is ... wow.

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    Old lady is ... wow.

    Wow ... i just got the piano magic bundle today ... wow. The Old Lady is amazing ... I haven't even played all my pianos yet but it's my favorite already. I also VERY much enjoy the Estonia .. I'd have to say that's my 2nd fav so far Time for some sleep but this weekend is going to be piano mania .. I was getting some great inspiration just twinkling .. Mr. Post, Great work and thank you!

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    Re: Old lady is ... wow.

    Slightly offtopic, but any relation to the breakbeat act Ceasefire? They made the song "Trickshot" among others.
    Zircon Studios - Original music for media, electronica, sound design, and synthesis.

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    Re: Old lady is ... wow.

    My favorite is Emperor....so rich and beautiful for solo work.

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    Re: Old lady is ... wow.

    Ahhh... Emperor and Old Lady are missing from my group buy parcel I received yesterday!

    I hope Michiel gets my post - I can't wait to play them, and having half of the items makes the waiting even worse...

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    Re: Old lady is ... wow.

    Already got a mail from Michiel. Thanks for the great support. PMI is fantastic!

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    Re: Old lady is ... wow.


    no sorry, no relation. I'm just a piano playing citizen by hobby .. I've got lots of songs but haven't yet promoted any .. trying to finish a few more songs so I can start on that .. but no, ceasefire is simply a name I picked out of the blue

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