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Topic: Giga Pulse

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    Giga Pulse

    If i'm not mistaken, Gigapulse is a VST plugin... I am wondering if I could use FXPansion VST - RTAS wrap to use gigapulse in pro tools, and if so, what are the files that I need to copy to the fxpansion folder to do so? thanks, joe.

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    Re: Giga Pulse

    GigaPulse comes in two forms: as part of GigaStudio and (soon) as a VST plugin.

    At NAB (April) they told me that they needed to get the GS3.1 upgrade out first. Then GigaPulse VST would get finished/released. GS3.1 could just be uploaded to the server, since it's an upgrade, but GigaPulse VST is a new product so it needs discs, the box the manual and all that.

    GS3.1 was released a month ago today. GigaPulse VST should be right around the corner, assuming that all goes well. Then again, we haven't seen a Tascam press release, so there may be some delay.

    I don't use PT/RTAS, so I can't help with the technical details.


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    Re: Giga Pulse

    and most importantly, would it work in protools as a VST on a Mac?

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    Re: Giga Pulse

    Quote Originally Posted by IOComposer
    and most importantly, would it work in protools as a VST on a Mac?
    Oh. There is that... No.


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