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Topic: Blue Screen w/ Debug - USB- Drivers

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    Blue Screen w/ Debug - USB- Drivers

    Whenever Giga 3 runs after about 15 or so minutes, I get the dreaded blue screen and on the top it says Debug-USB-Drivers. I run this with Sonar but this happens even if I just leave the machine on with Giga running by itself. I do not even have to be working on anything.

    I use MOTU mk828 and this also happened when I used Midi Sport 4x4 and Giga 2.5.

    Thanks, I always appreciate this forum.


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    Re: Blue Screen w/ Debug - USB- Drivers

    The actually starts "bugcode_USB_Drivers".

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    Re: Blue Screen w/ Debug - USB- Drivers

    definitely sounds like driver problems, your midisport or perhaps something else, even unrelated, that uses usb. Worth eliminating the possibilities and checking driver levels with the m-audio website and the others.

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    Re: Blue Screen w/ Debug - USB- Drivers

    Do I need to remove the actual drivers or could I just unhook USB hardware?

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    Re: Blue Screen w/ Debug - USB- Drivers

    Yeah, I had a MIDIsport 2x2 and it gave me so many problems. Even after uninstalilng and reinstalling the drivers many times it still didn't work.
    Sorry, all this and I don't really have an answer to your question.


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    Re: Blue Screen w/ Debug - USB- Drivers

    In your BIOS, do you have USB legacy drivers set to "enabled"? Mine was set to "auto" and setting it to "enabled" helped solve some USB MIDI problems. I wasn't getting random bluescreens, but I was sometimes getting bluescreens on shut down that might have been related. Anyway it's worth a try... assuming you have USB 2.0 ports and that the MIDI devices are USB 1.1.

    I'd actually LOVE to know what people do to get more MIDI channels. I'd so love to just use the ones on my WaveCenter PCI card with their nice GSIF 2 low latency and all. But as far as I can tell all PCI interfaces have at most 2 MIDI ports. I need 4 at least. Do people just suffer along with USB...? Are there brands that play better with Win XP than MOTU?

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    Re: Blue Screen w/ Debug - USB- Drivers

    There's always firewire as an alternative to USB.


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    Re: Blue Screen w/ Debug - USB- Drivers

    I've been using a midisport 2x4 without problems for a few extra midi ports, plus midi over ethernet and 1x1 on the soundcard. At one point it seemed that the usb drivers needed just a moment to go away after closing gigastudio and before shutting down, otherwise there would be crashes -- other than that, no problems.

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    Re: Blue Screen w/ Debug - USB- Drivers

    Just for everyones information, I stayed on the tech support line on hold for 90 minutes and they basically told me to take everything off my computer other than my needed music porgrams and samples. I did so and so far, no more blue screens.

    Thanks for all your help!

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    Re: Blue Screen w/ Debug - USB- Drivers

    I still have problems with my MIDI 4x4. Sometimes it doesnt get powered by MOBO and i have to unplug and plug MIDI box back in to machne and reboot machine.

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