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Topic: K2 db corrupts and playback as well

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    K2 db corrupts and playback as well

    I am having a problem where I load K2 standalone (2.02) with about 1/2 a Gig of samples, and it's Ok at first, then after a while doing nothing but playing it (from sequencer on another machine), samples start to get corrupted (wierd pops and wrong loops, etc. in sounds that are OK when first loaded). At the same time, the database becomes unusable, clicking on an instrument category suddenly does not show any subfiles, etc.. I have to quit and reboot and then all is well for a while, until the same thing happens eventually during playback.

    On a hunch, I tried purging the multi, and the database came back and it plays OK, obviously since it is using so much less memory. Is half a Gig really over the limit on a 2 Gig PC???

    Pentium 4, 3.2 Ggz, 2 G RAM.
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