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Topic: GigaPulse in aux tracks: dialing in sends?

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    GigaPulse in aux tracks: dialing in sends?

    I have been using gigapulse as a reverb for my VSL tracks; the problem I've found is that I want to put the gigapulse instances on aux tracks, and then dial in the amount of reverb that I want in the inputs. This is how I'd use a "standard" reverb -- set the reverb's wet/dry mix to 100% wet, put it on an aux buss, and then use a send from each track with varying amounts of send. More send = more reverb on that track. With gigapulse it seems that I have to set the fader to "pre" and turn the dry signal down to 0, just use gigapulse in other words. that means i can't control different wetness for different tracks routed to the same aux buss.

    I also can't make my 3 gigapulse instances for near, mid, and far, and then "mix" different amounts of near and far (i.e. put my near gigapulse on aux 1, my mix on aux 2, and then in my inputs send a small amount to aux 1 and a larger amount to aux 2). I get weird dropouts and other effects. I assume that's not just me, that it's something about how convolution reverbs works. Correct? Again, a traditional reverb would let you do what I'm describing.

    Is that supposed to work that way? Can I instead leave the fader not on pre, leave the level how I want it, and just mix in wet signal with the sends to the aux (as I would on a standard reverb)?

    Do other convolution reverbs behave differently? Altiverb, e.g.?

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    Re: GigaPulse in aux tracks: dialing in sends?


    this thread has a lot of discussion about routing, including some who did as you want to, I believe.

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    Re: GigaPulse in aux tracks: dialing in sends?

    Thanks gugliel but actually that thread's where I got the idea in the first place :-) you'll notice the last couple posts in that thread, before yours, are actually mine.

    The thing I never figured out is if there's really no way to dial in less reverb than full on or full off.

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