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Topic: EthernetMIDI, free MIDI over Ethernet tool released !

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    EthernetMIDI, free MIDI over Ethernet tool released !

    Hi guys,

    as promised here is the first version of a free, open source MIDI over Ethernet tool.

    It has no restrictions, use it on as many machines you want.
    You can forward MIDI from one machine to as many machines you want.

    The initial version is Windows only, but an OS X and Linux version will follow soon.

    I tested it using the following setup:

    Windows XP machine 1:
    Winamp plays a MIDI file -> MIDI data forwarded over ethernet

    Windows XP machine 2:
    MIDI data coming from ethernet -> USB MIDI interface (Midisport 2x2) -> Roland Soundcanvas SC-88

    I played dozen of files (on machine 1) and it works fine.

    As said this is an initial version we can improve things further.
    If you have suggestions, ideas, problems or feedback let me know (you can post here too).

    BTW: my tool requires either the Maple MIDI tool or equivalent ones (MIDIYoke).

    Maple works fine and is reported working fine with GigaStudio too (MIDIYoke does not work with GigaStudio, see EthernetMIDI README file).

    BTW: the Maple site: http://www.marblesound.com/
    seems not working so at the moment you cannot download it.
    Can someone contact Jeff about this ?
    PMI has an older version on their site.

    If he has hosting bandwidth problems I can mirror the tool without problems if that's ok to Jeff.

    Here the link where you can download EthernetMIDI:


    let me know your experiences with the tool.


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    Re: EthernetMIDI, free MIDI over Ethernet tool released !


    Fantastic tool you are providing. This is going to be very helpful for many of us. That's very generous to provide this tool to the community.

    I spoke with Jeff this morning and his site is down and he expects to have it back up soon.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: EthernetMIDI, free MIDI over Ethernet tool released !

    The screen shot makes it look like it works only with a fixed ip. Is this the case?

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    Re: EthernetMIDI, free MIDI over Ethernet tool released !

    Thanks Gary, it will get improved further over time, providing more flexibility and ease of use (eg saving network midi setups useful when dealing with a larger number of machines).

    in what sense works only with a fixed IP ?
    Basically when you send data over network you have to specify an IP address or a DNS name (eg yourhostname.com).

    Do you mean working in LAN enviroments where all machines use DHCP to automatically obtain the IP address ?

    In that case my tool cannot know the IP address of a certain machine without using some kind of address discovery mechanism.

    For now to see the IP address of your machines just
    Start -> Run Command and enter

    it opens a DOS window.
    here you enter the command:

    and press RETURN

    it displays the IP address assigned of the machine.
    for example:

    Adding a IP discovery mechanism by assigning names to machines would not be a big problem but it's not my priority now.

    In my opinion, in case of audio networks it's better to use fixed IP addresses anyway.


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    Re: EthernetMIDI, free MIDI over Ethernet tool released !

    Very cool.

    I run MIDIoverLAN+ (the older version, before CP), and found it best to use with fixed IP. You can use computer names, but you will then have to start your machines in a particular order, or else things don't work, or hang. forcing reboots to fix it. With fixed IP, I can start only the machines I need in whatever order I want.

    Fixed IP is the way to go for Audio/MIDI LAN software.


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    Re: EthernetMIDI, free MIDI over Ethernet tool released !


    I'm looking forward to giving this a try. Given your openness with it, I wonder if it might be a good fit to become a project at www.sourceforge.net.


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    Re: EthernetMIDI, free MIDI over Ethernet tool released !

    Awesome Benno... thanks!

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    Re: EthernetMIDI, free MIDI over Ethernet tool released !

    Sounds very good. I'll give it a try.

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    Question Re: EthernetMIDI, free MIDI over Ethernet tool released !

    Benno, this looks very intriguing.

    Here's a specific usage scenario and questions:

    [1] Cubase SX running on primary Windows XP system;

    [2] Stand-alone Kontakt 2 running on second Windows XP system; Set up a "bank" of (say) 16 instruments in the (remote) Kontakt 2 specific to the project at hand;

    [3] Can the sequencer (Cubase SX in this case) send a group of MIDI signals over your "device" to be received by the Kontakt 2 stand-alone application?

    [4] Would it then be feasible to take (for example) a S/PDIF stereo audio out from the second Windows XP system (where the Kontakt 2 stand-alone app is running) and bring it into the S/PDIF stereo audio input of a "sound card" (or sound box, such as the M-Audio Firewire 410)?

    [5] Does the sequencer then simply process the incomring audio as if it were an "outboard" audio instrument and are we "home free" ?

    Thanks, in advance. (I am still trying to figure out manageable ways of getting more capacity and I have a spare Windows XP 2.66 gHz system.)


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    Re: EthernetMIDI, free MIDI over Ethernet tool released !

    Awesome! Thanks Benno. Anyone knows how much latency it introduces compared to running Midi-File and Sampler on the same machine?


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