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Topic: With this budget, what should I purchase?

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    With this budget, what should I purchase?

    Hey guys,

    I'm relatively new to the sampled strings world. I'm a studying composition major and would like to get into creating mock scores once I put my portfolio together. I am currently working with a budget of about $1600. When all is said and purchased, I would like to have the capabilities of manipulating all aspects of a full orchestra along with individual instruments (especially the stringed ones). I have checked out the garritan libraries as well as the Vienna stuff and would like to stick to these labels.

    I am thinking about purchasing the Vienna Opus 1 (mainly for the non strings sounds) as well as the Garritan Orchestra Strings.I've also toyed with the idea of getting the Opus bundle and the Vienna Solo strings, but I love the Maestro Tools feature of the GOS. What would be the best combination? Any other suggestions? And this may sound asinine, but I can use both simultaneously in Giga? Another potentially naive question, but can I use either as a plug-in in a Pro Tools session?

    I appreciate the time and help guys.

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    Re: With this budget, what should I purchase?

    Sonic Implants Strings !

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    Talking Re: With this budget, what should I purchase?

    Hi, Cap - -

    You don't mention if you have a Sequencer yet. Or a high-quality sound card (or sound box). If it's only samples, $1600 should get your started nicely. Besides the VSL packages, I'd also look at EWQLSO/Gold right now as they are having a half-price sale (not sure when it ends). GPO is certainly a good all-around package, but you should definitely consider Gold as an add-on.

    my $0.02 ... KevinKauai

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    Re: With this budget, what should I purchase?


    I highly recommend waiting for GPO Advanced to be released, hopefully soon!
    It will have not only a very beauutiful "easy to use" version of GOS in it, AND
    all of the rest of the instruments found in an orchestra. You won't need to buy Gigastudio or Kontakt to play it. It will have it's own player. I truly believe that GPOA is going to blow most people's minds when they hear and see what is included.

    I am just one very enthused happy customer of Gary Garritan.

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    Re: With this budget, what should I purchase?

    Lee's definitley right about the sequencer, PT wasn't designed for that, and includes only some very basic functionality relative to a real sequencer app, such as Logic or Cubase/Nuendo. PT is good for the post side of things, or live recording and all sorts of other stuff, but for the composition stage of the music, not a good way to go.

    Yes, you can use all of the samples you get together, and depending on which format, it can be very easy, or only slightly less easy. They all come as large organized (mostly ) sets of patches, which you load individually to create a standard template for you to use most of the time, or specifically selected for each project. (You most likely will not be able to load all patches from all libs concurrently, without several computers dedicated to the task, but you can get most everything represented easily enough. This simply means you wouldn't waste your computer's resources with say, creepy violin scratches if you didn't need those articulations for the composition you're working on at that moment.)

    With respects to the research you've already done, I'd also suggest keeping an open mind about sample libraries. You really can't go wrong with Vienna stuff, but if you are set on Garritan it'd be better to wait for the Advanced, as Dan suggested. If for no other reason, the original is a fairly dated library, one of the very first "big" dedicated libraries to come out for Gigastudio. Impressive in it's scope, to be sure, and I know it has recieved a great many updates and tweaks over the years, but there are other very impressive libraries that have come out since, and as always happens, progress has been made. (Which would of course also be true for the upcoming Advanced.)

    Personally at this moment, I'd recommend Sonic Implants Symphonic Strings combined with the Vienna Opus set. That'd really cover most all your bases within the budget you've got, with a great emphasis on the string sections. (This is of course assuming that you've already got the computer/s to run these samples, if this is not the case... well, post as much and you'll get some different suggestions all together, tho the Opus might still be the best bet to get ya started.)

    G'luck and happy sample shopping (Have fun with it! You've got loads of options...)

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    Re: With this budget, what should I purchase?


    With a limited budget, try to get the most out for your investment. People buy soundware for different reasons. Economics is often a deciding facor in choosing libraries. VSL is having a sale now. EW and others also run sales from time to time. Check to see if any are running group buys where you can save between 50 and 60%.

    Some developers have trade or educational discounts. For instance we were the first developer to offer discounts for ASCAP, GANG, SCL and CMA members) and offer various discounts.

    If there is no rush, get the tools you need for the job you're doing. There are many choices and more coming. By waiting, the choices will grow and the prices will continue to go down.

    Also, if you have a limited budget try negotiating with developers. Yes. Call them or their distributors and see if any concessions can be made. I heard that at least one developer understands the plight of musicians and offers some very good terms.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: With this budget, what should I purchase?

    Capsize! Take a look at that wink and give Gary a call!



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    Re: With this budget, what should I purchase?

    Notice that Mr. Garritan didn't mention his own terrific products! Total professional.

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    Smile Re: With this budget, what should I purchase?

    Gary - -

    Didn't you state at some point that there would be an "upgrade path" to GPO Advanced which would make the "wait" unnecessary? I don't intend to mis-quote you here, but it would make sense that folks currently in the market for GPO (and then GPO Advanced) should get started now and take the upgrade path (unless, of course, the total of those two exceeds the "new" cost of GPO Advanced).

    just wondering ... KevinKauai

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    Re: With this budget, what should I purchase?

    Yes, that was very professional not to do the hard sell Gary-what a well weighted and worded post!!

    for $1,600 I would SERIOUSLY recommend Opus1 and EWQL Gold. You wouldn't know yourself with those as a starting package! I think you'd find that what VSL doesn't offer, EWQL does and vice versa.

    Also, if you want to audition an arrangement without spending too long on the mixing process, not many products sound as good out of the box than EWQL.
    Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm...

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