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Topic: Please Help With System Config!

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    Please Help With System Config!

    As a Mac guy, I know nothing about PCs.

    I want to get int Gigasampler, but I have read so many different things that my head is spinning, regarding what kind of PC I need to buy.

    Could someone....ANYONE...up here, tell me exactly what I need to run Gigasampler 160. I want the max number of voices. I need a soundcard that will give me a stereo digital out via SPDIF or AES to go to Pro Tools. Please be specific in the list. I\'ll be glad to send 25.00 to anyone who gives me a list that causes me no hassles when I go to buy this thing.

    I just want to get things going, and want the most voices I can. Thanks for any input here.

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    Re: Please Help With System Config!

    Have you seen the articles at www.prorec.com about \"Roll Your Own Thunderbird?\" I put together two PC\'s recently using this and they\'re working fine. One I use with Win2000 & SonarXL for audio & sequencing, and the other with GigaStudio 96. I put an Echo Mia card in each one. I opted for a normal mid-tower case as opposed to the rack-mount ones. I just bought the parts at a computer show here in PA and it was far less then a grand for each computer (that\'s for an AMD 1.2GHz chip, ASUS A7V133 Motherboard with RAID, IBM 40GB & 75GB Deskstar hard drives, etc). Or you could go the soundchaser.com route for a preconfigured system I guess; I\'ve heard nothing but good things about them (you pay more but it\'s probably worth the price).

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