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Topic: Miditerminal 4140 Problems (OT)

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    Miditerminal 4140 Problems (OT)

    Anyone using MIDITerminal 4140? I have now used a couple of hours trying to get the drivers installed, system crashing all the time leaving non-working drivers on the install. Is there some trick or are Egosys\' drivers just pure sh*t....!?

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    Re: Miditerminal 4140 Problems (OT)

    Interesting. The only driver I can install is the very oldest one from somewhere in 1999. Anything newer crashes my system. Way to go EgoSys...

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    Re: Miditerminal 4140 Problems (OT)

    This is tragic, almost on the verge of being hilarious.... GigaStudio catches just about 10 MIDI pulses pr. second or so it seems. Most notes are missing from a simple arrangement. My god I am glad I never bought the Wami Rack is this is the standard of EgoSys drivers. Installing a MIDI interface should be some of the most simple task imaginable, but somehow this has turned into some major problematic deal...

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    Re: Miditerminal 4140 Problems (OT)

    Oh well.. I THOUGHT it worked... still hanging notes allover.... Guess I\'ll have to reinstall the Opcode Translator instead....

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    Re: Miditerminal 4140 Problems (OT)

    and all while Egosys is ...on holliday :-(

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    Re: Miditerminal 4140 Problems (OT)

    Well their demands for tech support are so stupid I\'d rather not try asking them anything... I mean... why would they want to know the RPM of my HD\'s for trying to solve my MIDI interface problems? Gimme a break....

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    Re: Miditerminal 4140 Problems (OT)

    Now it works. \'Hold that happy thought\'. But what a nightmare and it works now for no particular reason. In case other has problems like this the procedure seems to be this: Install the new E-WDM drivers. Your machine will crash while doing it, but you can reactivate the drivers next time you boot by activating something called \'ADC\'. Ok now the drivers work (but apparently GigaStudio can\'t use E-WDM MIDI drivers...). So, remove your drivers (in control panels/system), install the newest non-WDM drivers. This time your machine doesn\'t crash for some reasons, and it works.... I repeat: Way to go EgoSys... You ruined my afternoon.

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