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Topic: CD-R Brand for CD masters

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    Cool CD-R Brand for CD masters

    Just wondering what brand of CD-R most people are using for their CD masters or premasters.

    Most of my research led me to Taiyo Yuden's. But I cannot seem to find these, looking for 74 minute Taiyo Yuden Golds. I know that they don't make these anymore, you can find the 80min, but not the 74 min. I've read that the Cyanine dye that the TY's use have slighlty better sonic qualities that the standard Phythacyanine dyes used by most other manufactureres, but they don't last as long (but again I am not looking for CDR's for archieval purposes). Also read that the C1/C2 errors are lower with the TY's than any other brand.

    Looking for very high quality 74 min CD-R for making CD masters that can be shipped for glassmastering, duplication etc. I will be using a Plextor PX716A to burn my final CD-master from my computer, and thinking of using the slowest possilbe speed to burn it - any comments (Also any comments on 1X glassmastering .vs. greater that 1X glassmastering).

    Here are the list of brands that I've studied and listed in the order of consideration for purchase, with TY's being the 1st on the list of brands that I would like to get. Anybody know of a place I can get these.

    1) Taiyo Yuden (http://www.t-yuden.com/recordablemedia/index.cfm)
    2) Mitsui -gold (http://www.mitsuicdr.com/products/Gold/index.html)
    3) HHB (http://www.hhb.co.uk/hhb/usa/hhbprod...edia/index.asp)
    4) Mobile fidility (http://mofi.com/)

    Any suggestions or comments

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    Re: CD-R Brand for CD masters

    Yeah, honestly, this is not really an issue in this day and age.
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    Cool Re: CD-R Brand for CD masters

    Thanks for the info Lee and Zircon.

    I'll check out the link, but looks like its probably not that big an issue then, just as long as you have reasonably good equipment and media.


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    Re: CD-R Brand for CD masters

    You can't go wrong with EMTEC (formerly BASF) 74 MIN. CD-R MASTER. I have used them for years.

    They are made for what you want. Burn them at 2x. They are excellent quality, still made in 74 minute, and they are Ceramic Plated for real protectin.

    Here's a link (scroll down, or search the page for MASTER):
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