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Topic: One more time for the world

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    One more time for the world

    The topic has come up every other day, but just to make sure: I am on the verge of buying a PC that will be used to run Gigastudio. Is there any motherboard, processor of which you say: DON\'T buy that one or you most certainly WILL get into trouble?
    I am thinking of buying a PC based on a MSI K7 Turbo motherboard with and AMS 1200 Mhz processor with 2 IBM harddrives. As far as the soundcard goes I am still undecided; it cannot be too expensive, and I am thinking of the Creamware Luna (with the advantage that it has 3 onboard DEP chips), the Terratec EWS88MT, or maybe the RME Hammerfall.
    133Mhz SDRAM is so ridiculously cheap that I can easily maximize the amount of RAM on the motherboard.

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    Re: One more time for the world

    If you\'re choosing a soundcard from Creamware, your choice for motherboard is pretty obvious: ASUS CUSL2 or other i815 based mobo. If you don\'t want that I heard that the new AMD760 based mobo\'s should be the 2nd best...

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    Re: One more time for the world

    Hi Jan,

    before you start go to www.prorec.com

    they have a new roll-your-own system.

    And instructions on how to putit together yourself.

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    Re: One more time for the world

    Don\'t buy the Terratec. I bought the 24/96 which uses the same drivers and had nothing but problems. Replaced it with the Audiophile 24/96 - all problems solved.

    Good Luck

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    Re: One more time for the world

    The KT266 chipset should not be a safe bet either. SOME people have had success with it I think, but I wouldn\'t put my money on it... The reason most are using Intel CPU\'s is the obvious: That most AMD motherboards have been driven by VIA chipsets.

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    Re: One more time for the world

    Thanks for the help.
    Is it really true that the Creamware soundcards give a lot of problems with the VIA KT133a chipsets? If so, do they have the same problems with the VIA KT266 chip sets? I like the idea of being able to plug in a number of effects, using a dedicated soundcard, and that is why I thought of the Creamware cards since they have a lot of processing power.

    However, when you look in the magazines, the overwhelming majority of dedicated audio-computers seem to use Intel processors, so there must be a good reason to do so. But when I read the article on Pro-rec, the authors of the article on building your own computer recommended using the Athlon.

    So, I am still doubting.

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    Re: One more time for the world

    Having worked in PC sales, the real reason that Intel still \'rules\" is just sales hype. Vendors are just going with what they know and dragging you along.

    I am running GSt 96 on a cheap old Asus MoBo with an Athlon 900 and RME Hammerfall card The RME card cost more than the rest of the PC and caused more problems too (but I still love it).

    I run out of polyphony (GSt\'s fault) at less than 40% CPU utilisation. Either chip maker will provide an excelent platform as long as you configure windows and your sound card properly. AMD is always cheaper and thats somthing to think about...

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    Re: One more time for the world

    Oh, I forgot. I have used IBM SCSI deskstar series drives for the last 3-4 years and havd had several fail on me for no good reason. I now use Quantum drives with better performancebut no failures. IMHO, IBM is pushing the envelope too far on it\'s top models.

    IBM did an OK butslightly noisy job for about a year - just check U can get a warrantee return...

    The other drive choice is Seagate. I use about 60 of these drives in network servers for my day-time job & they are good, just over priced.

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