Sorry for the double post, but I figured it would be easier to ask two questions seperately.
I am delighted that Overture lets one use different sound sources simultaneously - in my case GPO and Quicktime (Mac). My question arises because prior to acquiring GPO, I had used used Quicktime as my playback with various soundfonts. In Sibelius (again on a Mac OSX), one can designate Quicktime as the playback device, and further designate which soundfont or General MIDI bank to use. Is that possible in Overture? I tried a score that combined GPO and Quicktime, and it worked well - the problem is that I would really like to use some of the other soundfonts - guitar, in particular. I seem only to be able to get Quicktime to play its own GM bank, which is, well - hey, that's why I moved to GPO! So, for the occasional instrument that GPO doesn't have, this would be a workable solution.

I do not have a seperate sequencer.

Any thoughts?


R. Pearl