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Topic: Can the same machine be Giga "master" and "slave"

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    Can the same machine be Giga "master" and "slave"

    I've just bought the upgrade to Giga 3. I have four PCs and a Gigabit network, so I'm just thinking about how I'm going to rig things up. What I would like to do is this:

    PC1 - Main DAW: Sonar + Kontakt etc.
    PC2 - Main Giga machine
    PC3 - Secondary Giga machine A
    PC4 - Secondary Giga machine B

    I need to contact Tascam re still using my 2.5 or getting a side license for the secondary machines. And I need to try out the various FX-Max technologies and see what works, but presuming I can do this, I can see a complication:

    PC2 will be effectively "slaved" to PC1. ie, Sonar on PC1 will communicate with Giga on PC2 via FX-Teleport or Giga-Teleport, so the copy of Giga on PC2 will show up as "client" in this relatiionship.

    At the same time, I'll want to run the outputs of PCs 3 & 4 into PC2 (not PC1) for certain processing purposes, taking advantage of Gigapulse and the audio input facility in Giga 3.0. PCs 3 & 4 are quite old machines, and while I expect they'll be up to my polyphony requirements, they won't do much more than that. So I see PC2 as being the Giga "hub", running Gigapulse and generally making my orchestra "gel", while farming out the simple streaming of parts to PCs 3 & 4.

    So in this relationship, PC2 is "master" or "client". Now, how is this going to work using FX-Teleport or Giga-Teleport? Do I install it twice on PC2? The PCs are all networked via a gigabit hub, so there shouldn't be any problem with them passing data anywhere I want them to. It's just getting Giga set up appropriately that is the issue.

    Should I rethink the whole routing? Or am I on the right track?

    I also own a license for MIDIoverLAN, so alternatively I suppose I could connect PC2 to PC1 using it and stream the audio back through hardware, as I do now. Then just set up a simple master-slave relationship between PC2 and PCs 3 & 4 using Giga Teleport.

    My brain hurts!

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    Re: Can the same machine be Giga "master" and "slave"

    Sound complicated! But yes to your basic question, I think.

    I've got three computers working in somewhat the same way, and that gets bad enough when I try to change things.

    One thing to consider is moving your sequencer into the same computer with gigastudio 3: then you'd have all 8 ports of that gigastudio available without any external midi connections. Kontakt can only handle 4 midi's so, run it alone on another computer. (Possibly with the AUDIO recording here, separate from the MIDI recording). Unless you've got a huge number of physical midi connections, you'll have to use MOL or some other kind of midi on ethernet.

    So far my biggest orchestral projects are still under 200 midi tracks:

    8x16 on gigastudio 3 = 128 (sonar runs here)
    4x16 on secondary giga = 64 (samplitude runs here, doing the recording; another copy of sonar could do it too)
    4x16 on kontakt2 = 48 (or sonar could share this one too).

    Two each of the 4 midi ports are hardware, 2 each are midi over ethernet.

    So .. personally I'd put the fourth computer in my childrens' room or something. (Which is what I did!)

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