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Topic: Navy SEAL piece

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    Navy SEAL piece

    Hi everyone. I'm on a nice two week vacation so I've got plenty of time getting some writing done. Anyway here's a new one. Think of these battle-hardened Navy SEALS that are about to go on a mission into some jungle or Afghani cave or something. Hope you enjoy!


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    Re: Navy SEAL piece

    As always, this conveyed exactly what you intended. I liked the fact that the brass and strings have an equal footing. Makes it "meatier". Keep 'em coming.
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    Re: Navy SEAL piece

    Good, ballsy brass sound, Brian. (Excuse the expression ) You show a lot of compositional talent. Keep up the good work.


    Larry A.
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    Re: Navy SEAL piece

    Gutsy brass opening, Brian, like that -- strong adventure feel to the writing, very successful implementation of your "back story", I'd say.


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