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Topic: Rack mount my monitor

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    Rack mount my monitor

    Hi everyone. Now that I've ordered my Giga PC, I"ve moved on to obsessing over different things :-)

    I have a Dell 1905FP flat panel LCD. I am going to need to have it rack mounted to take to gigs. I found one vendor who makes a really nice articulated shelf for the monitor. It folds down to a 2U space and includes the keyboard and mouse.


    In order to hold all that you end up needing a rack that's 28 or 30 inches in depth. I do not want a rack that deep. It will be hard to handle and really bulky to set up at a gig.

    So I got the idea to mount the monitor with a vertical rack frame. I found a couple but because the back of a Dell flat panel is not perfectly flat, the vendors told me they didn't know if it would work.

    Has anyone dealt with this issue already? Anyone know a vendor who makes good vertical rack frames for 19" monitors? How do the rest of you that travel with your Giga rig handle that?

    Thanks ........ Rob

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    Dear Goldberg96,

    I am a live performer and require my LCD rackmounted. Mine is racked up on my keyboard stand.
    Sounds funny, heh? Looks way cool, and is way practical. The keyboard stand is Standtastic 102-KS from musicians friend, and go to GTWEB.net for your rackmounted LCD enclosure. It's only 99$ for a 15", and 166$ for 17 ",19".
    The benefit is right in your face control, while looking rather studly. Plus alot babes tell me how cool I look with a blue cartoon shadow.

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