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Topic: Damn......No Room Left!

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    Damn......No Room Left!

    I\'ve finally run out of room on my hard drive....it\'s now time to get an extra internal drive. Any drives that work really well with giga? It\'ll be basically just for storing samples. I\'m thinking around 30 or 40 gigs?


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    Re: Damn......No Room Left!

    i JUST GOT A DiamondMax Plus 60 by Maxtor. 30 Gigs for about $105 US .

    I too use it just for storage without the ATA controller card and it works dandy.

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    Re: Damn......No Room Left!

    You might want to check out Compuplus. I just bought a 60 gig 7200 rpm IBM deskstar (great drives for audio by the way) for 160 bucks.

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    Re: Damn......No Room Left!

    After buying WAY too many hard disks, I can say: SCSI if U can afford it, 7200 RPM minimum, 2 Mbyte on-board cache, & U can\'t go too far wrong. IBM, Seagate, and Quantum trade performance crowns with Seagate Barracuda costing the most and Maxtor & Co close behind.

    Got a large disposable income??? Adaptec SCSI RAID controller (very compatible), Seagate or Quantum 10 or 15K rpm drives. Trust me, they won\'t even warm up before GSt uns out of polyphony.

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    Re: Damn......No Room Left!

    SCSI is too hot and noisy, and my IBM UW SCSI is slower than my IDE drives....

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    Re: Damn......No Room Left!

    If you\'ve got a little bit of extra money, pick up 2 40 GB 7200 drives. I recommend the Seagates. I work for a computer company, and they\'ve got the highest MTBF. We\'re designing industrial and other types of \"hard-usage\" systems. (The boss keeps getting after me to design an audio editing platform. Hey, the audio stuff I do, I do at home!) Anyways, pick those up, and pick up a $100 ATA100 Raid controller, either the Promise or Adaptec. (Don\'t go cheap, like an Iwill or something, you DO get what you pay for.) The RAID card will give you two options.. Striping, for speed (that\'ll give you one 80 GB drive), or Mirroring. I use Mirroring myself. If one drive fails in your Striping, you lose 80 gigs of data. In Mirroring, you lose one drive, and the card tells you that you lost a drive, but your data\'s still good. (Unless you wait for the 2nd drive to fail before fixing it. )

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