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Topic: VSL - I still don't understand the Cube / Performance thing

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    VSL - I still don't understand the Cube / Performance thing

    OK, I'm tempted by the 30% off deal at VSL. Sadly I can't afford or justify the whole band, but I really need strings.

    I still don't get how the whole Cube / Performance Set thing goes together. As I understand it, the Cube contains most of the instrumental articulations, and the Performance Set adds the performance tools (true legato etc) plus various runs, trills and the like. Is this accurate?

    Also, what happens if you just buy one section (as I plan to with the strings)? It appears to me that this contains all the string samples out of the CUBE only. So does this mean you don't get access to any of the performance stuff?

    And can you only GET access to the performance stuff by buying the Performance Set for the whole orchestra? In which case, how much use would it be owning the Performance Set for winds, brass and percussion, WITHOUT owning the Cube for those sections? Does the Performance Set function as a full standalone product in its own right?

    What is the normal way of buying one section, and getting access to as much as possible of that section, without paying over the odds? (It's gonna be a stretch for me, even with the discount).

    WHAT SHOULD I DO???!!!

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    Re: VSL - I still don't understand the Cube / Performance thing

    They have it set so to get the true power of VSL you have to own both.

    I started with just the Pro Strings, then Woods and Brass, then Perc. Then it just became obvious that you would need the Perf set to do any kind of melodic lines convincingly. You COULD buy the Perf set and it would function on it's own, and you could do some reasonable damage with it, but you would be missing a heck of a lot of other things. I think with VSL you have to make up your mind to buying P Set and one of the modules anyway, and then just keep adding orchestral sections as you can afford it.


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    Re: VSL - I still don't understand the Cube / Performance thing

    So basically, even if I pay £450 for the strings, I still won't get any of the legato functionality for which VSL is so famous, without spending ANOTHER £750 on the Performance Set?

    And I'm still concerned about how much use the Performance Set Wind, Brass and Percusssion would be, without the Cube range of articulations. Wouldn't it basically just be a single legato sound for each instrument (albeit, an extremely good one) repetition staccatos, and some sampled runs? I can't see myself using the runs much anyway, as most of my music doesn't fit into major and harmonic minor scales, and I can't see how they adapt to tempo etc. Maybe I'm missing something.

    I dunno, it seems like an odd and arbitrary way to present the library. I can't see the point of splitting it in two like that unless the two parts really DO function as indipendent entities. It would make more sense to offer each orchestral section with everything for that section - Performance Set included.

    I'm tempted now just to go for Opus 1, even though it's not discounted. This at least has the Performance legatos, along with all the main "bread and butter" articulations.

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    Re: VSL - I still don't understand the Cube / Performance thing

    I love VSL...

    But I agree that the seperation of the cube and performance set is indeed arbitrary and annoying. Luckyly they have abandoned the concept for their horizon series.

    If you dont have the money to shell out for both sets I would go for Opus. Or you could go for Opus+Performance set, and then forget about the cube. That would give you all the legatos as well as the standard articulatiosn from the cube. You would then still have staccatos, pizzacatos and similar which the performance set would not provide.

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    Re: VSL - I still don't understand the Cube / Performance thing

    Thanks. But what would the Performance Set provide that isn't already in Opus?

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    Re: VSL - I still don't understand the Cube / Performance thing

    The primary difference is that you get the legato instruments in more than one velocity (for most instruments). When you upgrade your giga files with the .art files downloadable from VSL's homepage you can crossfade between the velocity layers. This gives you an amazingly powerful legato instrument. You play and crossfade between layers as you go... sounds fantastic. In opus on a few of the instruments have more than one layer. I do however beleive that the strings are one of those that do.. but you can look that up on the VSL page.

    Makes sense?

    In addition to this you do also get instrumenst that are not included in Opus. Bass trumpet, contra basson, piccolo tumpet to name a few. You also get solo violin and cello (but no bass and viola if I recall correctly). These were recorded later and were not part of the Pro Edition set, but instead became the seperate release 'Solo Strings'.

    Anyway, let me elaborate. The cube has a ~~~~ load of articulations - sounds great. However with the Pro. Ed performance set you can make many of these special articulations (crecendos, decrecendos, pFp etc) yorself using crossfading. Ofcourse its not entirely the same but it gives you more control and sounds absolutely fantastic

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