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Topic: gigasampler & cubase on a terretec 24/96

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    gigasampler & cubase on a terretec 24/96

    i am having problems running these two programs at the same time. the terretec ewx 24/96 soundcard supports this however.i have the latest driver (110 with multi client.asio and gsif) multiclient is enabeled and the software interface is the one that corresponds with this driver. all other programs except explorer and sys tray. windows sounds are off no backround or screensavers running 3d video is turned off. yet gigasampler runs great by itself(the sounds are awesome)but ever since i installed it the analog output driver for cubase will not open. i have tried reinstalling everything. in all different sequences. can anyone help terretecs tech support is awful i think most people get fustrated and give up. can anyone help? does anyone have the same problem? thanks

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    Re: gigasampler & cubase on a terretec 24/96

    Cubase will always hog the hardware outputs 1 & 2 or won\'t run if their in use. I don\'t know your card but you need to deselect those outputs in gigastudio & use a different out. If your card is only stereo you may be able to assign giga to it\'s digital out & use your cards mixer to moniter this.

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    Re: gigasampler & cubase on a terretec 24/96

    i have the same problem with GS96 and Sonar.
    If Gigastudio is installed (and even if i don\'t use it), i cannot get any audio from Sonar with my EWX24/96.
    Same feeling about Terratec support !!!
    Did you find a solution ?

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    Re: gigasampler & cubase on a terretec 24/96

    I have the same problem too, and tech support didn\'t have a solution.
    I have Mona and it works great with Gigastudio but only the midi will record and play. Can\'t record or play audio tracks with Giga. When I open the sequencer progam,(Nuendo), in Giga it warns me the Mona\'s 1,2 outs are being used by another program. It seems as though there should be an easy solution that I\'m overlooking. Anyone know?

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