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Topic: New Help File

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    New Help File

    Dave, regarding the 1.6 help file, do I
    replace the old Gs.hlp with the new 1.6
    Gs.hlp file? By doing this will there be any
    danger in resetting the copy protection
    and requiring a new GS Key? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: New Help File

    Your on the right track. Just replace the old help file with the new one. It won\'t hurt your registration. The only thing to try and avoid for that is to not use Norton to defragment the drive that GigaSampler is installed on.(other hard drives are fair game) and try not to delete the GSampler directory. The help files are not connected to the process. If you run into registration trouble, just call for a new key. Well support you with it untill we have a new improved and more friendly system later.
    Take care

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