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Topic: Import VSL PE into K2?

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    Import VSL PE into K2?

    Has anyone imported the VSL ProEdition (giga version) into K2? Does it import correctly? Does the performance set import correctly?

    Or...Does the EXS24 version of VSL PE import into K2 correctly? I'm wanting to use Halion3 or K2 instead of GS3 with Nuendo 3.

    Anyone have good experiences doing this? Needs to work as good as EXS24, if possible.

    thanks for any comments,
    david (Martha)

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    Re: Import VSL PE into K2?

    Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. Someone mentioned on the Geniesoft forum that Redmatica are going to release a EXS24 capable plug for Windows VST in the near future.

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