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Topic: SPDIF out (Will this work?)

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    SPDIF out (Will this work?)

    Todays stupid question
    Before I go and invest in a cable I thought I would ask if anyone thinks this will work. Audiophile 2496 SPDIF out (Coaxial 75 ohm RCA) to Shuttle SPDIF in (I think this is optical) to record Gigastudio to "Cooledit".
    If it won't work, is there some sort of adapter?
    Any answer appreciated
    Bryan h

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    Re: SPDIF out (Will this work?)

    Did something like that once when I had trouble doing a straight capture at 96K. Ended up running GS3 and Sonar (playing the midi) to Vegas recording GS3's spidif out, all on the same machine. Couldn't get Sonar to record audio from spidif-in while GS3 was playing to spidif-out but I didn't try 2 different audio cards like you're doing which is probably a better bet as long as the Shuttle's can clock from its optical spidif-in. In your case, since the Shuttle doesn't have an rca spidif-in (I think it only has rca spidif-out) you'll need a little media-converter like the m-audio CO2 which isn't very expensive.

    Ragtime Press

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    Re: SPDIF out (Will this work?)

    Thanks Howard .. will give it a try
    Bryan H

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