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Topic: It's LOW's Birthday!

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    It's LOW's Birthday!

    A very Happy Birthday to LOW!

    Thanks Laurence for your contribution to the forum and for helping getting the GPO chat started.

    Wishing Laurence a wonderful birthday and many years of good health, happieness and great music.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: It's LOW's Birthday!

    I hope that you have a Happy Birthday

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    Thumbs up Re: It's LOW's Birthday!

    Only Low Know how Old He really is!

    Happist Birthdayist Low! May you have many more wanderfilled Birthdays to come!

    Now, Cake ... We need Cake!

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    Re: It's LOW's Birthday!

    Happy Birthday LOW!

    Now, is anyone having a birthday on July 21st, 22nd, 23rd or 24th?

    That would constitute CAKE for everyone in the GPO group at NAMM! he he he


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    Re: It's LOW's Birthday!

    Happy Birthday, LOW!!!!

    just for you:

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    Re: It's LOW's Birthday!

    Thanks for all your birthday wishes folks. For some reason I couldn't get to click on the Car or Cash prizes CPTexas - is there a bug?!

    For the record I was 46 yesterday. I'd been telling my wife for months the reason I don't go running is because I don't have any decent trainers - well no prizes for guessing what my present was! Funny because I'd also been saying/hinting "I cant do x or y musical project because I don't have a or b piece of gear" - but that didn't yield so much as a guitar string. Aaah well.

    Is it my imagination or is there a significantly larger number of GPO birthdays this time of year?

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    Smile Re: It's LOW's Birthday!

    Happy Birthday, LOW!!!!


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