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Topic: pizz

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    I have a question about using arco and pizz commands in stringparts. I use sibelius 3 and have already installed the switch plugin, used it on mystringquesrtet score and loaded the stringquartet patch in the GOP Studio. However, still I only hear everything play legato. What more do I need to change here?

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    Re: pizz

    First thing to check is that the string quartet multi is loading the KS strings - only the KS (keyswitch) strings have the bundled Pizz articulation that will work with the keyswitch feature.

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    Re: pizz

    hi! THanks for helping.
    Ok, i did that, but still I hear pizz in the wrong parts now and the pizz moments are still legato.

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    Re: pizz

    I loaded the Dry/sections strings/violins 1/vlns1/KS combo in the first slot in GP Studio on channel 1, but in Sibelius I only hear a tremelo stringsound, not a pizz or arco sound.

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    Re: pizz

    ...and after using the GPO keyswitch plugin in Sibelius, the stringsound is disturbed, it seems that there is an extra line playing alone the original, but a semitone lower. How can I get all this fixed? All I want is to hear my strings playing their pizz and arco at the right moments.

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