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Topic: Are the unborn polluted?

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    Are the unborn polluted?

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    Unborn babies soaked in chemicals, study finds
    Average of 287 contaminants found in cord blood of U.S. infants



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    Re: Are the unborn polluted?

    Don't mean to be a wet blanket, but it seems to be a typical media alarmist article. Nowhere is there any mention of the levels of these substances and whether or not they are at dangerous levels. What about whether this is an increase or decrease from prior tests? What about the toxic chemicals some of you willingly put (or used to put) in your body for a high? Are you worried about the negative effects of that, too?

    Remember, people are living on average longer than they were 50 years ago.

    I'll take the info in this article with a grain of salt (but not too much salt, since I don't want to risk increasing my blood pressure )


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    Re: Are the unborn polluted?

    Good points, Robh. Especially regarding to increases and decreases. Also, it was only a sample of ten. One would need a larger sample size to quantify things.

    Still, it's a good wake up call. The bottom line is that we don't know what effect these things have. Certainly, the unborn are both amazingly robust, but also very susceptible to mal-developments.

    Hopefully these results will help generate the funding to do the studies that you mention. As the article mentions, these tests don't tell us the effects on the babies. We should try to learn, so we can ban the most dangerous chemicals, and continue to enjoy the benefits of the benign ones.


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