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Topic: Installing EWQL SO on os x

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    Exclamation Installing EWQL SO on os x

    Maybe I'm stupid, but I can not get my silver to show up in logic pro 7.

    I have an install disk which requires installation on os 9 classic. When I follow the procedure described on soundsonline suport, the install seems to be allright, only as I said, logic does not see the plugin. Am I doing something wrong here? I bought my G5 just two weeks ago, am used to PC.... maybe the problem is there?

    I'd appreciate any help ")

    And then, all of a sudden, NOTHING HAPPENED!

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    Re: Installing EWQL SO on os x

    You are installing the Audio Units version, not the VST version, right?

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    Re: Installing EWQL SO on os x

    If you installed AU and not VST, there might be another reason for this: Maybe it doesn't pass AU validation, which is necessary for the plug in to show up in Logic. Download the latest update of the plug in from the NI site, which should fix it. If not, there's still the option to bypass the AU validation with the AU validation manager (have a look at the Logic manual, it's described there).

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    Re: Installing EWQL SO on os x

    The Au does'nt pass validation indeed. Bypassing it results in a error -50 code...

    [edit] I tried the latest NI update but AU validation still fails...
    And then, all of a sudden, NOTHING HAPPENED!

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    Re: Installing EWQL SO on os x

    Well, with all of the QLSO products, you have to download the following:

    1. OX X Installer

    2. OS X Updater

    3. DFD Extension

    4. AU Hotfix

    I usually recommend installing all of them at once one after the other.

    Everything should work fine after that, I have the same system as you and all runs correctly. Open up your AU Manager from Logic to veryfy and rescan if necessary the AU for QLSO. I think you just need to do some trial and error before everything should work smoothly for you.

    BTW....isn't it about time that NI releases a combined Installer/Updater for the EW products? This is such a pain everytime I have to reformat my drive that I need to run through several updaters for each NI product I own.
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