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Topic: I GOT A VIRUS!!

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    i got a nasty virus someone knowledgable in this area plllease help me!! thanks!

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    Re: I GOT A VIRUS!!

    First off, posting more info about the virus would be necessary in order for anyone to offer any really help. And if you manage to find the name of the virus, google search it, that's how I've found fixes for most of the viruses that virus scanners didn't automatically remove.

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    Re: I GOT A VIRUS!!

    how can I find the name of it?

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    Re: I GOT A VIRUS!!

    Do you have any virus scanning software on your computer? Usually even if it can't remove whatever object it's trying to remove, it usually does tell you what the name of the object is.

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    Re: I GOT A VIRUS!!

    go to

    and download the free virus scanner, this program will usually find and remove viruses for you.

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