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Topic: Possible problem with 3.1 and GSIF 2.0?

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    Possible problem with 3.1 and GSIF 2.0?


    Recently upgraded to giga 3.1 and subsequently updated the drivers for my Wavecenter PCI card to GSIF 2.0 so that I could route audio in to giga to use gigapulse on it. Now some of my old sequences (ones which are rather large, about 96% RAM and 3 gigapulse instances, in case that makes a difference) hang the computer and I have to restart. Ones that are smaller and have no gigapulses load up fine. One that has the same sounds as the ones that crash but has only one gigapulse instance loaded but the computer then became incredibly slow-- even when I had quit giga.

    My best guess, since it's the last thing I changed, is that there's some problem with giga 3.1 and GSIF 2.0. Any possiblility that might be the case? Anyone seeing similar things?

    thanks muchly for any direction! Will call tech support tomorrow if I don't find the answers here.

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    Re: Possible problem with 3.1 and GSIF 2.0?

    Nevermind, I think it's just a problem with 3.1

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    Re: Possible problem with 3.1 and GSIF 2.0?

    Hey, I'm the only one on this thread :-)! But in case anyone else reads this in the future with the same problem... I did finally figure it out!

    It wasn't DIRECTLY related to GSIF 2.0 + Gigastudio 3.1, but it WAS related indirectly. Here's the whole story:

    P4 2.8 GHz, 2 internal drives one for programs one for sounds, Win XP Pro, 1024K RAM, runs giga exclusively. Built by sweetwater and tweaked by them to take advantage of giga.
    Audio through WavelabsPCI card (Frontier Designs) with GSIF 2.0 drivers
    MIDI through Wavelabs card and MOTU microlite USB MIDI device, or just through MOTU microlite.

    1. Stuck Notes: when playing a sequence several tracks would get a MIDI note stuck on. Happened irregularly but without fail at some point if I played a sequence for a minute or so.
    2. Hang on load: Several of my .gsp performances that I had previously created would hang at some point in the middle of load. These were large performances, with 62 instruments, about 90% of my 1GB of RAM, and 3 gigapulse instances. But they worked fine before. Computer would need to be restarted.

    THE FIX:
    Since this problem started shortly after I upgraded my WaveLabs drivers to GSIF 2.0, I thought that maybe it had something to do with that. I had also made a bunch of other updates at about the same time though, such as upgrading to GS3.1 from 3.04, before noticing these problems, so it took me a long time to locate this. What fixed both of these seemingly unrelated problems was TURNING OFF THE AUDIO INPUTS on the Wavelabs card, through the Gigastudio system setup.... i.e. unchecking the inputs (not the outputs, thank goodness) for ADAT inputs 1-8.

    WHY would this affect MIDI when I'm not using MIDI through the Wavelabs card? Got me. Must be some driver conflict I guess. I'm a Mac person originally and only use Windows for Giga so I don't know for sure.

    Hope this helps spare someone else the 20+ hours of troubleshooting I just went through! :roll:

    p.s. I also I THINK have solved another issue whereby my MOTU device was not being recognized by the computer every 3rd or 4th boot (rebooting solved the problem but it was annoying time-wise) by going into the BIOS and changing USB legacy support from "auto" to "enabled." Since the MOTU devices are USB 1.1 I think sometimes the legacy support wasn't kicking in in time or something. Unrelated to these other issues though.

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