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Topic: New user - GPO + DP 4.6

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    New user - GPO + DP 4.6

    When I add the GPO instrument in Digital Performer, do I need to add a separate instrument for each track or does adding one instrument give me multiple tracks? I haven't using Kontakt before, but have used Absynth, where you need a new instrument for each track. I also use Mach Five, where you get multiple tracks for each instance you load.



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    Re: New user - GPO + DP 4.6

    Each instance of the GPO Kontakt Player can load 8 instruments...and, new to DP 4.6, you can have multiple audio outputs. If you load GPO in the full version of Kontakt 1.x in DP, you can have 16 instruments per instance. If you have Kontakt 2, you can actually load up to 64 instruments per instance, but K2 only support 16 MIDI channels as a plug-in, so really you're still limited to 16 instruments per instance unless you want to layer sounds.

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