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Topic: Midioverlan-Red "x" solution

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    Midioverlan-Red "x" solution

    Hey Midioverlan users.

    I have spent the last few weeks trying to get Midioverlan work. No luck yet but close.

    I have a G5 running Tiger and Digital Performer 4.52.

    Trying to trigger Kontakt 2 on a VisionDaw PC 3.6, 2 gig of Ram WP, SP2.

    Both the Mac and PC recognize each other, but on the Midi Monitor on the PC, it is flashing Red with an x.

    I must be close. Anybody have any idea what to do to fix this?

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    Re: Midioverlan-Red "x" solution

    I have not had to deal with a red X, I'm sorry. I did have a wierd MOL problem last night. So I bought better ethernet cables (cat 6) and a high quality network switch and that seemed to solve my problem. Try swapping out the cables first. If your switch is a cheap one, you might consider getting the best one possible.

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